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人教版英语期末考试 | 初中7年级、8年级、9年级英语同步练习评测试题分享

人教版英语期末考试 | 初中7年级、8年级、9年级英语同步练习评测试题分享
作者: 二毛

  01 初一
  ( )1. Bill can play _____ violin but he can’t play _____ chess.
  A. the, 不填 B. the, the C. 不填, the D. a, 不填
  ( )2. Victor sings well. He can _____ in our school music festival.
  A. is B. are C. be D. am
  ( )3.—Can you paint or sing? —_______.
  A.Yes, I can B.No, I can’t C.I can sing D.I like singing
  ( )4.Little Tom can draw ________.His drawings are very ________.
  A.good, well B.well, good C.good, good D.well, well
  ( ) 5.Miss Read is good _____ music.She can be good _____ children in the music club., at B.with, with, with D.with, at
  【答案】1、A;2、C 3、C 4、B 5C
  02 初二
  1,-Hi,Bob.You don’t look well.What’s the matter _____ you?
  -I talked too much and didn’t have any water last night.I have a sore throat now .
  A. in B.of C.with
  2. He has _______ homework to do and he is _______ worried.
  A. too much ;too much B.too much;much too C.too many ;much too
  3,We shouldn’t worry about Mary.
  You are right.She is _______ to look after ______.
  A. old enough;herself B big enough;herself C.enough old ;her
  4.Would you like something to drink,Mum?
  Yes,I’d like a cup of coffee_____ nothing in it.
  A. with B .without C.for
  5,______ your help,I can’t get good grades.
  A. With B.Without C.For
  1-5 CCAAB
  03 初三
  1. The famous doctor puts all her attention on her research and she has made great progress in the ________ of medicine.
  A. field B. mind C. life D. stage
  2. More and more people have realized that clear waters and green mountains are as ________ as mountains of gold and silver.
  A. central B. specialC. valuable D. beautiful
  3. (2019黄冈改编)—Oh! We have missed the last bus. What shall we do?
  —I’m afraid we have no ________ but to take a taxi.
  A. idea B. decision C. reason D. choice
  4. (2019自贡改编)—Tom is always careless with his schoolwork. Could you help him?
  —No problem! I think he ________ to think twice before starting.
  A. should be told B. shouldn’t be toldC. should tell D. tells
  5. (2019平顶山三模)It has been ten years since we met last time. We miss each other ________.
  A. loudly B. badly C. widely D. patiently
  6. (2019信阳一模)—Where did you put your schoolbag?
  —I can’t remember. I attended a concert yesterday so it ________ still be in the music hall.
  A. might B. need C. can D. must
  7. We ________ to tell you that all the flights to Singapore have been canceled because of the terrible weather.
  A. warn B. regret C. forget D. remember
  8. You’d better not ________ to your mother. She just wants to give the best to you.
  A. turn down B. talk backC. put off D. end up
  9. There isn’t any ________ of getting to the airport before nine for there’s usually a lot of traffic at this time of the day.
  A. chance B. progressC. pleasure D. change
  10. Reading is the key to the new world. Every time I open a book, I ________ a colorful world.
  A. create B. teach C. appear D. enter
  11. (2019天津)The ________ of this activity is to raise money for a new hospital.
  A. silence B. purpose C. culture D. language
  组 别:小学组、初中组、高中组
  组 别:初中组、高中组

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